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Our sorority products primarily cater to Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first Greek-lettered sorority established by college females of African-American descent. Buy Alpha Kappa Alpha gifts, accessories, jewelry, floppy bow ties, bags, and more!

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  • AKA Mini Inverted Umbrella

    Bow Ties and


    What do you do during those rainy days when you’re forced to walk across campus to get to Chem…

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Pink Green Braided Bracelet

    Bow Ties and


    This Alpha Kappa Alpha braided bracelet is specifically designed to be your durable, versatile every…

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Large Pink Canvas Tote Bag .

    Bow Ties and


    Perfect for an overnight bag, for a weekend getaway, or even as a carry on bag for your next semeste…

  • AKA Classy 14 Panel Umbrella

    Bow Ties and


    For those instances where you need to dress it all up a bit – including your rain gear, you ca…

  • AKA Sorority Pink Green Paisley Convertible Scarf-Wrap

    Bow Ties and


    Nothing is better than a nice, big, oversized scarf, right? This paisley scarf features the pink and…

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Shield Self-tie Bow Tie.

    Bow Ties and


    This exclusive sorority product is the perfect gift for a fellow Alpha Kappa Alpha sister or to keep…

  • AKA silver crown brooch.

    Bow Ties and


    Wear your colors and your letters like the true queen that you are each and every day with this silv…

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Crystal Greek Letters Brooch.

    Bow Ties and


    Why not bring a little pop of color into your life with the perfect crystal brooch to go along with …

24 of 127 Items