Thanksgiving With Your Sorority Sisters

Sep 15th 2018

Thanksgiving is the time to show gratitude. The air is filled with festive joy of all the celebrations in the pipeline. As a sorority, you get to enjoy this time with your sisters whom you are so than … read more

5 AKA Non-Fashion Pieces You Need In Your Life

Sep 13th 2018

Within a couple of weeks of joining your sorority, you feel like it’s in your blood. This sisterhood created at AKA is unbreakable and once you’re a member, you’re a member for life! Reppin’ your soro … read more

Halloween Costume ideas for your sorority

Sep 10th 2018

Fall is the time for Pumpkin Spiced lattes and candles. Wait, did someone say Pumpkin? Halloween 2018 is upon us. You must have made up your mind on an outfit already. If you’re going all out with you … read more

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were AKA Members

Sep 7th 2018

“You never know how strong tea is till you put in hot water;You never know how strong a woman is till you put her in hot water.”Words to live by! These words were coined by an AKA member during her op … read more

4 Outfit Ideas for Your Sorority Rush

Aug 13th 2018

We know why you’re here ladies. We can sense your frantic excitement. Sorority recruitments are around the corner and everyone needs a little help to make a positive first impression. A friendly inter … read more