Thanksgiving with the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Posted by Bow Ties and on Nov 25th 2019

Thanksgiving with the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

This Thanksgiving, let us take our holiday celebration and raise it to heights we never imagined possible, to crowning heights, to crowning storms, to even making saints proud. Our energy, our emotion, our laughter, and our joy will cry out and inspire all, with a resolution to never abandon our friends, family, or our sisters at Alpha Kappa Alpha.
We all know the lesson: A tribe divided against itself will never survive. Yet as humanity we continue to fissure our different opinions and goals within race, gender, religion, and sexuality. Good luck as we fight to take back Thanksgiving dinner and our family values of integrity and celebration.
As we share Thanksgiving with our cousins, and relatives, and the people we've never met, we have the chance to share our Thanksgiving with all. What might we bring to the table? What might we look for at the table? What would we like to see from the new family?
We celebrate with our kin, and we step up, to never ever let another Thanksgiving come across as lacking. To never even consider the idea of "what if?" What if there were more people in the world as we are; what if we had not fought as hard as we fought? We may have been quiet for a little while, or we may have turned a deaf ear, maybe even forgetting the other person completely, yet we have the opportunity to step up and stand with all that we are, and all that we want, to never ever let another day come by without giving it our best effort, to never, ever let another day slip through our fingers and turn into a disappointment.
Let us become about this moment, not waiting to always "lean in" on others. Let us become about each other because when we do, and when we reach our highest peak together, we won't be standing side by side, we will be standing on equal footing, ready to compete, to contest, to win!
At the dawn of Thanksgiving in America, the pilgrims, fleeing British tyranny, nearly 200 in number, gathered on the Potomac River, near Alexandria, Virginia to honor the sacred connection between they and their Native American hosts.
Like the pilgrims who came down the river, we came down the river to the promise of America. Like those who fought the British, we have since fought our way to the realization of freedom, liberty, and justice.

Now, with the spirit of Thanksgiving in our hearts, we come together as one family, under the loving banner of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and friends.

Bow Ties and