Small Yet Meaningful Christmas Presents For Your Sorority Sisters

Oct 1st 2018

Christmas—a time of giving!

Everyone loves this time of year! Dinner parties, family dinners, Cringe-y Sweater Parties, and cozy nights in with your girls; we make the most of those long nights, don’t we?

Now that the chill is beginning to settle in around you and fall is waving goodbye, it’s a good idea to prepare your Christmas plan. Gift giving is a nightmare for most people. We suggest you start a couple of months in advance to make it easy on your pocket.

List down all your closest friends and acquaintances you need to gift this year. If you happen to be part of a sorority, your list just got longer. Not to worry, though. Our guide will make getting gifts for your sorority sisters a cinch.

Scented candles

When in doubt, get her a candle! We ladies love making our room a haven to relax in. It’s said that scents are powerful enough to affect your mood. According to, certain smells remind you of your childhood while others can relax you.

Be creative this year and buy your girlfriends some unique candles. Sugar Cookie, juniper, Frasier fir, and spiced fig are a few examples of unique Christmas scents.

An Ornament

This gift is a small, thoughtful, and very useful present this Christmas season. Since you’ll be distributing your gifts early to your sorority sister, they have all the time they need to incorporate this gift into their Christmas Décor.

Having this little ornament on their tree or around their home will always remind them of you! We suggest you invest in a good quality ornament if it’s the only thing you’re getting them.

A wallet

We generally get so caught up with everything going on in our lives that we forget about the basics. How many times does it happen that our wallets are completely worn out and we just keep forgetting to replace it? Do your sorority sister a favor and get a wallet for her. It doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts!

Tech Accessories

We all have that one friend who breaks her headphones every so often. Treat her by buying her a pair of headphones this Christmas. There are a lot of options; they are available in pretty colors, wireless varieties, rechargeable ones, etc.

Power banks are such an excellent invention. We’re all guilty of scrolling through Instagram for far longer than we’d like to admit. For that sorority sister in your life who just can’t seem to stop, get her an AKA power bank. This cute and compact pink device is a perfect reminder that you’ve got her back!

Charm bracelet

Charm bracelets used to be quite the rage back in the day. Revive the tradition by getting your sorority sister a charm bracelet. You don’t have to worry yourself about where you’re going to find one; we have some AKA Charm Bracelets for you on our website!

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