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New Year, New Plans!

New Year, New Plans!

Posted by Bow Ties and on Jan 9th 2020

                                                        New Year, New Plans!

Hey all! How have you been? Pretty cold weather, right? Winter holidays and all.
I hope your New Year celebrations went amazing! To make things even better, we at Alpha kappa Alpha sorority have prepared for 5 pointers for your 2020 to-do list to make sure that this year turns out to be the best one you've ever had! 

Exchange Gifts! 

We emphasized this in our Christmas blog too. New Year's Eve comes only one time each year and is marked by joyful moments with friends, family, and other loved ones. To make the most out of the evening, you could, for example, buy your girlfriend her favorite kinds of jewelry or your boyfriend a nice warm scarf. Bracelets, carves, shawls or even those neat looking floppy bow ties can be in your gift list to show how much you care for your loved one. 

Make Monthly/Weekly Goals 

These goals can be related to your career, studies, or anything you dream about achieving. Consistency is the key. Make small weekly goals that would together add up to a major monthly one. This would help you manage time and stay focused on moving forward. Taking out time for some R and R is fine too as long as you aren't doing it too much that you start neglecting important work.
Set Out Your Weekends and Dinner Time for Family
We can't stress enough how important is to have healthy relationships. This doesn't only keep you relaxed, fulfills your need for belonging and improves your mental health; it makes you all stronger and happier and helps you all grow as a single unit. Give them time during dinner or weekends at least to strengthen your bond. Weekends should be specially set out for family picnics and other bonding activities. Yes, friends matter too, but not as much as a family! Family members are the only ones who will always have your back (in ideal cases that is). 

Save Up Money for Traveling! 

Traveling should a must in your yearly goals. Ideally, every person should travel the entire world, each country once in a lifetime but yeah it costs too much. So, what you can do is save enough to go visit some of your favorite places. Switzerland perhaps or Malaysia. Turkey might sound good for some too.
Summer holidays are usually the best time to visit other countries due to more free time (if you're a student that is) and comfortable weather.
You could also travel in your country too! Just keep 'you only live once' in mind. 

Invest on Your Passion/Personal Development 

Why waste life on earning only? Why not chase your dreams? If you want to be an author, start writing! An athlete? Start practicing! A dancer? Start dancing! An entrepreneur? Start planning!
Each year, we must follow our hearts and listen to what it desires too otherwise, talent will go to waste.
Well, this was it! We wish you all the best for 2020!


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