Necklaces Can Get Boring Sometimes – Here’s Your Guide to Rocking a Ladies Floppy Bow Tie

Necklaces Can Get Boring Sometimes – Here’s Your Guide to Rocking a Ladies Floppy Bow Tie

Jul 22nd 2019

Floppy or not, bow ties are usually considered the provenance of men and are more of a masculine sartorial choice rather than feminine. That doesn’t mean ladies can’t rock a good old floppy bow tie.

Great with a lot of outfits, floppy bow ties are a stylish way of amping up the style factor of your look. Whether you’re hoping to make a statement or just simply looking to rock a good fashion accessory with great confidence, floppy bow ties are a popular choice amongst sororities, especially here at Alpha Kappa Kappa!

And now that the weather is warming up a little; spring is on its way and winter is saying goodbye, you can put away your wool scarves and find different ways to accessorize. If necklaces have gotten too boring for you, let floppy bow ties come to your rescue.

Here are a few ways you can rock them with style and panache.

On Denim

Looking to spice up the look on your plain denim shirt? Pick up a floppy bow tie and add some sparkle to your outfit. Whether it is a denim vest or a denim shirt, even a denim dress, floppy bow ties will certainly look good with it.

On a Collared Shirt

Collared shirts are pretty much a wardrobe staple but accessorizing a closed collared shirt with the right necklace can get a little tough. You can remedy that by sporting a floppy bow tie instead. You can go for a sailor cut or a peter pan cut to make the bow stand out. It will also give you a chic, preppy look that’s perfect for college.

On Your ‘Little Black Dress’

Believe it or not, a floppy bow tie is going to look amazing on your LBD. If you have a sorority soiree to attend but your black dress is a little too fierce for the occasion, adding a floppy bow tie to the mix can soften the look and bring the element of cuteness to your outfit.

On a Simple Dress

If you have a few simple dresses lying around in your closet that you have no idea what to style with, a colorful floppy bow tie is a fun way of adding a pop of color to your outfit. A patterned bow coupled with a simple, solid color dress is bound to look great.

If you’re convinced that these ideas will help you rock a floppy bow tie with style and elegance, head over to our website at Bow Ties and More to get yourself an Alpha Kappa Kappa floppy bow tie.