Chic Gifts to Give Your Sorority Sister

Chic Gifts to Give Your Sorority Sister

Jul 22nd 2019

There is nothing quite as comforting as sharing a tight-knit sisterhood with your sorority sisters. Your bond with your sorority members is life-long; it is an essential part of the Greek life, and you will cherish forever.

They are there for you through thick and thin; your highs and lows. Got great grades for your semester in college? They’re there to celebrate with you. A guy broke your heart? You have their shoulder to cry on. Whatever it may be, your sorority sisters are going to stand by you.

So, shouldn’t they get some appreciation in return? You can express your deep gratitude and love for your sisters by giving them some gifts they’ll cherish.

We have rounded up a list of some great Alpha Kappa Kappa gifts that are perfect for your sisters.

AKA Bracelets

Bracelets are a great gift to give your friend; they’re effortlessly chic, they’re easy to wear, they go with pretty much any outfit, and they don’t require any sort of additional hassle. If you gift your sister a pretty AKA bracelet, every time they slip it on they’ll think of you and your bond together. You can either give her a simple, subtle yet stunning silver bracelet, or you can go with a funky charm bracelet. Either way, your friend will love it!

AKA Earrings

Earrings are another piece of jewelry that are a perfect gift to give to your sorority sister. Dangly earrings, hoop earrings, drop earrings; you have a variety of choice to pick from. Make sure to keep in mind what style your sister will like best and then get her some really stylish AKA letter earrings from our collection— one gift she’ll want to wear all day.

AKA Bags

A bag or a purse is the best gift; it’s practical, it’s functional, and it’s a stylish accessory. A bag is something that your sister will carry for most of the day, and every time she carries it, she’s going to be reminded of the giver. Make sure to gift a bag according to your sister’s personality. A tote bag, cosmetic bags, wallets, jute bags – the variety is endless!

AKA Scarves

You really can’t go wrong with scarves; draped stylishly, they’ll look good on t-shirts, on dresses, under jackets, pretty much any outfit if you style it better. So pick out a scarf from our collection and get to gifting!

You can visit us at Bow Ties and More to check out our collection and pick out the perfectly chic AKA gift for your sister.