The Leaves Are Falling - Welcome Fall!

Bow Ties and on Sep 15th 2019

Here in the Great Lakes state the first glimpses of fall.  It seems a little early even for Michigan.But, none-the-less it is a beautiful time of the year.  The leaves are turning colors and … read more
No AKA Boule 2019

No AKA Boule 2019

Bow Ties and on Aug 21st 2019

Unfortunately, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority bypassed having a Boule this year.  It was a disappointment as this is the time AKA members come from all over the world to visit and reunite with friend … read more

Halloween Costume ideas for your sorority

Bow Ties and on Jul 22nd 2019

Fall is the time for Pumpkin Spiced lattes and candles. Wait, did someone say Pumpkin? Halloween 2018 is upon us. You must have made up your mind on an outfit already. If you’re going all out with you … read more
Chic Gifts to Give Your Sorority Sister

Chic Gifts to Give Your Sorority Sister

Jul 22nd 2019

There is nothing quite as comforting as sharing a tight-knit sisterhood with your sorority sisters. Your bond with your sorority members is life-long; it is an essential part of the Greek life, and yo … read more