AKA SUV Headrest Cover

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If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your SUV that goes beyond a simple bumper sticker to showcase your affiliation with Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first African American sorority, look no further! This cute, comfortable, and trendy SUV seat headrest is for you! Remember, AKA SUVs stand out!

  • Option 1: One headrest
  • Option 2: One set of two
  • SUV headrest covers. 
  • Black with AKA shield on the front side and AKA Greek letters on the back.  The back also has a handy pocket going the width of the headrest and has elastic to keep it from stretching out.
  • The headrest is elastic all around and spandex for stretch. The back is black with AKA Greek letters.
  • Available for cars in black or pink.